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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Fundamentals and Skill Building
Sound Fundamentals
Think Feet
The Hands and Punching Reminders
The Jab and Duck
The Cross and Slip/Slide
The Hook, Parry/Catch, and Block
The Uppercuts and Half-Step Back
The Feint, Draw, and Side Step
Infighting, Covering, and Offensive Reminders
Making It All Come Together with Combinations
Chapter 2: Exercises and the Conditioning of the Boxer's Body
Practicing Technique Through Common Boxing Exercises
Creating a Day's Workout
General Conditioning
Running Programs for Conditioning
Muscles Used for Boxing (Part I): Basic Stretches
Muscles Used for Boxing (Part II): Abdominal Muscles and Trunk Strength
Muscles Used for Boxing (Part III): Resistance Exercises that Improve
Overall Strength
Increasing Your Power with Plyometric Training
Chapter 3: The Science of Boxing
Secrets to Success (Part I): Winning Bouts
Secrets to Success (Part II): Taking Advantage of Things Other Boxers Don't Do
Secrets to Success (Part III): Character Counts
Reading Your Opponent's Style
The Importance of Safety
Weight: Weight Loss and Making Weight
Techniques for Wrapping Hands
Boxer's Code of Conduct: Fouls, Infractions, and the Referee's Duty
Common Fouls and Referee Signals in Olympic-style Boxing

Chapter 4: Gaining the Strategic Advantage
The Rhythm of the Boxing Zone
Maximizing Your Defense
Defensive and Evasive Tactics
Angles, Angles, Angles
Variations on the Fundamentals
Punching with Power
Counterpunching and Counters for Counters
Punching to the Body
Putting Your Skills to the Test: Sparring
Working with a Novice Boxer in Sparring
Sparring with Boxers Who Are Better or Stronger Than You

Chapter 5: Keys to Successful Competition
Competition: Boxing Styles
Boxing a Shorter Opponent
Boxing a Taller Opponent
Boxing a Left-hander If You Are a Right-handed Boxer
Boxing a Wild Fighter
Boxing a Croucher
Boxing a Boxer
Boxing a Slugger
Boxing Specifically for Judges (Part I): Traditional & Computer Scoring Systems
Boxing Specifically for Judges (Part II): Judges' Positions at Ringside
Managing Ring Variables: Dimensions and Flooring Materials
What to Expect When You Box in Amateur Boxing Shows
What to Expect If You Fight on Professional Cards

Chapter 6: Social Aspects of Boxing
The Difference Between Professional and Amateur Boxing
A Short History of Boxing
Race and Boxing
Women in Boxing
The Romance of Boxing
Medicine and Boxing Controversy: Head Trauma

Chapter 7: Coaching and Training Boxers
The Responsibility of the Coach
First Aid for Minor Injuries
Boxing Truths and Myths
Fitness Boxing

Chapter 8: Supportive Material
Offensive Arsenal Summary
Defensive Arsenal Summary
Defensive Strategies for Offensive Punches
Goals Worksheet
Combinations Worksheet
Self-Assessment of Boxing Skills
Getting Involved in the Sport
Informational Websites
Equipment and Apparel Resources
Movies About Boxing
Glossary of Boxing Terms

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